Optional Tours - Copernicus Olympiad

Optional Tours

Dear Copernicus Olympiad Participants,
We acknowledge the remarkable efforts some of you are making by enduring extensive 16–17-hour journeys to participate in our Olympiads. Your desire to extend your stay beyond the Olympiad’s few days and explore the United States is truly commendable.
With this in mind, we’ve thoughtfully prepared Optional Tours designed to enrich your overall experience. Drawing from our extensive experience with students, we’ve handpicked destinations that we believe will resonate with both students and their families. These Optional Tours come in two distinct categories:
Recreational Tours: Ideal for those seeking sightseeing and relaxation.
Educational Tours: Tailored for our young, inquisitive minds, with a focus on scientific exploration. These tours may include educational camps hosted by renowned institutions such as NASA. Upon completion, participants will receive well-deserved certificates. Please rest assured that Copernicus Olympiad has diligently selected experienced partners to oversee these tours, ensuring your interests are safeguarded.
Enjoy your tour!