Dear Students, Parents and Supervisors.

We are happy to introduce our Physics & Astronomy Olympiad. This Olympiad has 2 Rounds: Online Elimination Round and Global Round.

Students can register themselves through our website, or by contacting their country representatives. The registration deadline is November 20, 2022. Students starting from grade 7 can participate in this Olympiad.

The Online Elimination Round will be held on the following dates: September 24, October 29, and November 26, 2022. The exam will have 25 multiple choice questions. Exam will start at 10am (local time) and will last 60 minutes.Students need to choose only one Elimination Round to participate.


To qualify for the Global Round which will be held physically between January 22 and 26, 2023 students need to score 40% and higher in the Online Elimination Round.

Students will be given Certificate of Participation in the Online Elimination Round, Certificate of Achievement in the Online Elimination Round and Medals according to the following progress:

-40% – 74% – Bronze Medal

-75% – 90% – Silver Medal + 5% off in the Global Round

-91% – 100% – Gold Medal + 10% off in the Global Round

***Hard copies of Medals will be distributed after the Global Round.

The Syllabus of the Olympiad is as follows:

Physical Quantities and Measurement


Force and Newton’s Laws of Motion

Work, Energy and Power

Simple Machines

Temperature and Heat


Electricity and Magnetism

Space Exploration

Rotation, Revolution and Seasons

Moon Phases

Eclipses & Tides


Solar System

Category I Topics

Earth and Space

Water and Weather



Environmental Changes

The Human Body

Chemical & Physical Changes of a matter

Energy and Its Transformations


Force, Motion, and Acceleration

Matter, Atoms, and Elements

Organization in the Environment

Category II Topics

Vector basics

Unit vectors

Vectors and two-dimensional motion

Projectile Motion

Centripetal acceleration

Inclined planes



Conservation of linear momentum and elastic collision

Collision in 2D

Gravitational potential energy and conservative forces

Spring potential energy and Hooke’s law

Centre of mass

Angular kinematics

Torque and equilibrium

Conservation of angular momentum

Stress, strain, and modulus of elasticity

Zeroth and first law of thermodynamics

Simple harmonic motion

The Doppler effect


Keplers laws

Equinoxes and solstices

formation of the solar system

The Sun

Hubble’s tuning fork

Dark matter and energy

HR diagram

Please find below past exam papers

Physics and Astronomy Category I.pdf

Physics and Astronomy Category II.pdf

Physics and Astronomy Category III.pdf

Students will receive the followings:
-Certificate of Participation in Online Elimination Round (Digital Certificate),
-Achievement Medals in the Online Elimination Round (Gold, Silver and Bronze)
-Certificate of Participation in Global Round (Paper Certificate),
-Certificate of Achievement: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable Mention (Paper Certificate)
-Achievement Medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze (Based on their performance)

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Global Round will be awarded based on the following percentages:
⁃ The top 10% will receive a Gold Medal
⁃ The top 11-30% will receive a Silver Medal
⁃ The top 31-60% will receive a Bronze Medal
⁃ The top 61-75% will receive an Honorable Mention Certificate

Moreover top three students of each category of Global Round will get special prizes listed below:

Register now and experience unforgettable moments.