Registration details

Registration details
Dear participants, supervisors and parents, We are glad to announce that 1531 students from 26 countries will participate in Online Elimination Round. Registrations are fully closed, no one will be able to add new students at this point. We wish GOOD LUCK and success to all participants taking this test. Please find below regulations of the Online Elimination Round:
  •  olympiad will be held online, on October 31, 2021. There will be no other sessions available,
  • the language of Olympiad is English. There will be no other languages available for taking the exam,
  • exam will start at 9 am local time for each country. (i.e. for Thailand – 9am Bangkok time, for Germany – 9am Berlin time, etc.),
  • exam has 30 multiple choice questions for Physics and Astronomy and 25 multiple choise questions for the Natural Science and the duration is 70 minutes,
  • students can use calculators,
  • it is forbidden to use any other electronic device during exam. Country representatives are obliged to observe the exam and should report if rules are violated,
  • if there are several students having equal results, priority will be given first to younger participant and then to the one who finished the test earlier than others,
  • absolute winners of each category will participate the Global Round for free,
  • there will be 2-day system trial session (October 29, 2021 and October 30, 2021). Every participant should enter the system and check credentials entered during the registration. If a participant notices any mistake, he/she should immediately report to country representative or write an email to and report the mistake.