Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Below Rules and Regulations of the 2nd Copernicus Olympiad are listed:

1 – The 2nd Copernicus Olympiad has two disciplines:
I) Physics and Astronomy
ii) Natural Science

2 – Students can compete only in one discipline.

3 – Physics and Astronomy has 3 categories;
Category 1: Grades 7-8
Category 2: Grades 9-10
Category 3: Grades 11-12

4 – Natural Science has 2 categories;
Category 1: Grades 5-6
Category 2: Grades 7-8

5 – The 2nd Copernicus Olympiad has 2 rounds. The first one is Online Elimination Round and the second one is Global Round.
In order to qualify for the Global Round students must pass the Online Elimination Round.

6 – Students must score 30% or higher to qualify for the Global Round. Students who did not take the Online Elimination Round or scored below the minimum will not be invited to the Global Round.

7 – Students must register themselves till October 25,2021. No other application will be accepted after the registration deadline.

8 – The registration fee for the Online Elimination Round is 20 USD. (Аdditional fee of 5 USD might be applied due to agency policies in some countries)
The application cannot be canceled after the payment is done and there will be no refund.

9 – The online Elimination Round has 30 multiple choice questions for Physics and Astronomy discipline and 25 multiple choice questions for Natural Science discipline.

10 – The winner of each category (2 winners for Natural Science and 3 winners for Physics and Astronomy) will participate in the Global Round for free. However, they will need to pay for their international air tickets and visas.

11 – Participation fee for the Global Round is 900 USD. Please see the Downloads menu for further information on what’s included in this fee and the daily program of the event.

12 – Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded based on the following percentages:

⁃ The top 10% will receive a Gold Medal + Certificate of achievement.
⁃ The top 11-30% will receive a Silver Medal + Certificate of achievement.
⁃ The top 31-60% will receive a Bronze Medal + Certificate of achievement.
⁃ The top 61-75% will receive an Honorable Mention Certificate

*All the participants of the online elimination round will receive a Certificate of Participation

13 – The Global Round winners (top 3 students from each category) will receive the prizes mentioned on the website.

14 – Parents who wish to accompany their children to the Global Round need to get in touch with their country representative to get their invitation letter.