Copernicus Rules and Regulations

Dear All,
Below you can find General Rules and Regulations of Copernicus Olympiad.

1. Copernicus Olympiad has 5 main disciplines.
-Natural Science
-Physics and Astronomy
-Cyber Security
-Film Festival

2. Competitions are divided into 3 different dates.
-Natural Science and Physics & Astronomy is conducted in January each year in Houston, Texas.
The Houston Museum of Natural Science is selected as venue for Natural Science Olympiad and NASA Johnson Space Center for Physics & Astronomy Olympiad.

-Mathematics Olympiad is conducted in July each year in New York.
(Venue will be announced later)

-Cyber Security and Film Festival is conducted each year in October in Los Angeles, California.
(Venue will be announced later)

3. Each Olympiad (Except for Film Festival) has 2 Rounds.
1st Round – Online Elimination Round/Local Round
2nd Round – Global Round

4. Copernicus Olympiad may ask country representatives to conduct Local Round instead of Online Elimination Round if needed. Contestants information may be shared with the country representative.

5. Students have to score 40% or higher in Online Elimination (Local) Round to be able to compete in the Global Round.

6. For Film Festival students need to upload their video in the portal and wait for the decision of our committee whether their video was chosen to be presented in the Festival or not (usually takes 14 days from the upload date).

7. Copernicus Olympiad charges students $20 for the Online Elimination Round.
Due to certificate printing and medal distribution, in some countries this fee may change.

8. The fee for evaluation of the movie for the Film Festival is $35 for regular application and will increase for the late applications.

9. The application cannot be cancelled after the payment is done and there will be no refund.

10. Each Olympiad has specific dates and deadlines. Students must register themselves within these times. No other application will be accepted after the registration deadline.

11. The absolute winners (only 1 per category worldwide) of each category in Online Elimination Round will participate in the Global Round for free. However, they will need to pay for their international air tickets and visas.

12. If 2 or more students have the same score, the younger candidates will have priorities over elder candidates. If the ages are the same then the time taken to solve the problems will be taken into consideration.

13. English is the only language used for the exams and there will be no support in other languages during exams.

14. Students willing to participate in the Global Round will have to pay the Participation fee which includes accommodation, transportation, meals, guidance fees, etc. Each Olympiad has its own Registration fee, which will be announced.

15. After the payment for the Global Round Participation is done, students will receive their invitation letters to enter the US embassy.

NOTE: $150 is non-refundable fee. After the invitation letter is sent, this fee WILL NOT be refunded.

16. All participants will receive their Certificate of Participation

17. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded based on the following percentages:
⁃ The top 10% will receive a Gold Medal + Certificate of achievement.

⁃ The top 11-30% will receive a Silver Medal + Certificate of achievement.

⁃ The top 31-60% will receive a Bronze Medal + Certificate of achievement.

⁃ The top 61-75% will receive an Honorable Mention Certificate

18. Parents and guests are welcome to participate in our Global Round as well. Parents who wish to accompany their children to the Global Round need to get in touch with their country representative to get their invitation letters.

19. Optional Tours are available after the Closing Ceremony and students, parents or guests willing to attend the tour need to book in advance because seats are limited.

20. Given events are solely products of Copernicus Olympiad.  All the venues are used as a location for the events and are not associated with the Copernicus Olympiad.

21. For the transparency and promotion purposes, Copernicus Olympiad will use photos and videos of participating students. Participants by registering to Copernicus Olympiad automatically grant permission to use their photos and videos on website and social platforms of the organization.