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Which of the followings exert pressure?

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If density of a metal is 8.2 g/cc, its relative density is:

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If an electron and a proton having same momenta enter perpendicular to a magnetic field, then

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The atmospheric pressure is due to the:

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A wave is moving in air with a velocity of 340 m/s. Calculate the wavelength if its frequency is 512 vibrations/sec.

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Which information in the periodic table of elements tells the total number of protons and neutrons of an atom?

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The energy stored in wound watch spring is

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If a body moves with uniform velocity, then

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What part of the moon does the Sun always illuminate?

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What is the primary process behind the movement of tectonic plates away from each other along divergent margins?

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A potential difference of 10V is needed to make a current of 0.02A flow through a wire. What potential difference is needed to make a current of 250mA flow through the same wire?

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A bolt is dropped from a bridge under construction, falling 90m to the valley below the bridge. What is its speed when it reaches the valley beneath the bridge?

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Which of the followings minimizes the transference of heat in a thermos flask?

1. Conduction
2. Convection
3. Radiation

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Which element is a nonmetal?

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Which of the following statements correctly describes a magma chamber?

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Heat loss occurs during flow of current in a conducting wire because

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Which of the following is not a mixture?

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With the increase in temperature, the frequency of the sound from an organ pipe

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What property of metal makes it a good material for electrical wirings?

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Edmond Halley was able to predict that a comet seen in 1683 would return in 1758. How did Halley calculate the next arrival of this comet?

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