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Our Story

Copernicus Olympiad was established in 2020 by passionate educators with international experience in education. The name Copernicus comes from a famous Polish mathematician, physicist and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus who proposed his theory that the planets revolved around the Sun, when most people believed that Earth was the center of the Universe. Likewise, Copernicus Olympiad had Mathematics as the first competition. The second Olympiad consisted of a Natural Science, Physics and Astronomy competitions in addition to Mathematics. Currently Copernicus Olympiad offers the following disciplines: Natural Science Olympiad, Film Festival, Copernicus Entrepreneurship Olympiad (CEO) and Mathematics Olympiad. All students from 3rd grade to 12th grade can participate in the disciplines listed above. Copernicus Olympiad is growing day by day and currently has contestants from 49 countries around the Globe.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To provide first-class competitions for students worldwide that ignite and nourish a passion for learning while inspiring the thinkers of tomorrow. We’re here to make the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Natural Science, Entrepreneurship, and Film Making exciting, accessible, and fun for scholars everywhere. And to foster a thirst for knowledge in young people of every culture and creed in an environment of mutual respect and shared experiences. At Copernicus Olympiad every student is special. We find their passion and guide them so they can thrive.

Our Vision

The driving force behind the Copernicus Olympiads is a love of teaching. The Copernicus Olympiad was designed to create a future where a passion for learning inspires students around the Globe. Learning is knowledge, and knowledge is the power that can change the World. We want to reach all students worldwide and help them unlock their potential. Our goal is to have the Copernicus Olympiad experience available in every country and every corner of the World. Our dedicated team of international staff work round the clock to achieve these goals.

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