Copernicus Film Festival

Introducing the Copernicus Film Festival

Welcome to the Copernicus Film Festival, a pioneering addition to the Copernicus Olympiads legacy, connecting the worlds of education, science, and art. Since 2020, Copernicus Olympiads have championed the talents of young minds in Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Natural Sciences.This year, the platform is expanding to embrace the creativity of young filmmakers.

When and Where?
Set to take place in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, from April 28 to May 3, 2024, the Copernicus Film Festival aims to inspire and empower the future leaders of the cinematic world.
What's on Offer?
The festival will host a magnificent array of events, including exclusive workshops on writing, directing, and film production, as well as exciting field trips. Industry professionals will guide aspiring filmmakers, offering a unique and educational experience. Even if you’ve never made a film or are unsure of how to start, you can still participate in the festival and the training program.
Who Can Participate?

This opportunity is open to anyone under the age of 20. Whether you are a budding filmmaker or a film enthusiast, we welcome you to share in this exploration of young talent.

Award Categories Include:
  • Best Narrative Short
  • Best Doc Short
  • Best Animation Short
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Experimental Short
  • Jury Awards
  • Honorable Mentions
Rules and Guidelines:
  • Participants must be under the age of 20.
  • All languages are accepted, with mandatory English subtitles for non-English films.
  • Film length must not exceed 20 minutes for all categories.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable, and participants may submit to multiple categories.
  • Event dates are subject to reasonable change.
  • Films must be made in 2021 or later.

Join us at the Copernicus Film Festival for a unique celebration of youthful creativity, innovation, and passion in the world of cinema. Together, let’s explore new horizons, create lasting connections, and inspire the filmmakers of tomorrow.

Eligibility Section for the Copernicus Film Festival
Workshop Participation:
  • Open Entry: The workshops at the Copernicus Film Festival are open to everyone interested. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or someone just starting out, our doors are wide open.
  • Registration is Mandatory: To secure a spot in any workshop, participants must register on our official website. It’s essential to complete this step for a seamless experience and to avail all the resources and benefits the festival offers.
Workshops at Copernicus Film Festival
1) Film Production Workshop at Copernicus Film Festival


Delve deep into the world of film production with our hands-on workshop designed specifically for young filmmakers. Whether you’re a novice eager to learn or someone with a bit of experience, this workshop offers a comprehensive insight into the intricate process of creating a movie from scratch.

What You’ll Learn:

1) Pre-production Planning:

  • Script Breakdown: Understand the components of a script, from scene transitions to character nuances.
  • Budgeting: Learn to make the most of your resources, no matter how limited.
  • Scheduling: Organize your shoot days to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Casting: How to choose the right actors for your roles and conduct a productive casting call.

2) On-set Production:

  • Camera Operations: Master the basics of camera functions, angles, movements, and shot compositions.
  • Lighting Techniques: Discover how to utilize natural and artificial lighting to achieve desired moods and effects.
  • Sound Recording: Understand the essentials of capturing clear audio on set.
  • Directing: Learn the basics of guiding actors and crew to achieve your vision.

3) Post-production:

  • Editing: Get acquainted with cutting and arranging footage to craft a compelling story.
  • Sound Design: Dive into the world of audio post-production, from foley to background scores.
  • Color Grading: Enhance your film’s visuals by understanding the nuances of color correction and grading.
  • Distribution: Introduction to platforms and strategies to get your film in front of audiences.

4) Details:

Duration: 3 hours
Instructors: A mix of experienced filmmakers and guest industry professionals.
Eligibility: Open to all festival participants under the age of 20. No prior experience necessary.

2) Screenwriting Workshop at Copernicus Film Festival


Step into the heart of storytelling with our intensive Screenwriting Workshop tailored for budding filmmakers. Dive deep into the art and science of scriptwriting and discover how to weave narratives that captivate and resonate. Whether you’re a beginner with a story to tell or an enthusiast keen on honing your skills, this workshop is your gateway to the world of cinematic storytelling.

What You’ll Learn:

1) The Foundation of Storytelling:

  • Structure:Delve into the classic three-act structure, plot points, and narrative arcs.
  • Theme & Genre: Understand the significance of a central theme and how to effectively utilize genres.
  • Character Development:Create memorable characters with depth, motivations, and arcs.

2) Crafting Scenes:

  • Dialogue:Learn how to write authentic, engaging dialogue that propels your story forward.
  • Setting & Description: Paint vivid images with words to guide production design and direction.
  • Tension & Conflict:Drive your narrative with compelling stakes and obstacles.

3) Advanced Screenwriting Techniques:

  • Subtext & Symbolism: Dive into the deeper layers of storytelling.
  • Adaptation:Understand the nuances of adapting stories from other mediums into screenplays.
  • Rewriting & Polishing:Refine your script, focusing on pacing, transitions, and clarity.

4) Details:

Duration: 3 hours
Instructors: Renowned screenwriters and industry professionals.
Eligibility: Open to all festival participants under the age of 20. Both new and experienced writers are welcome.

Film Competition Submission:
  • For Film Entrants: If you have a film that you’d like to compete with, you’re in the right place! Your film is your ticket to the competition.
  • Uploading Your Film: Ensure you upload your masterpiece to our designated FilmFreeway link. This will officially enter your film into the competition, making it eligible for viewing, judging, and potential awards.
  • Mandatory Submission: Remember, simply registering on our website does not automatically enter your film into the competition. The FilmFreeway submission is a crucial step.
Join Us:

We welcome all storytellers, visionaries, and film enthusiasts. The Copernicus Film Festival is a platform where passion meets opportunity. Ensure you follow the eligibility guidelines to make the most of what the festival has to offer.


1. What Is The Copernicus Film Festival?
The Copernicus Film Festival is an extension of the renowned Copernicus Olympiad. Launching in Los Angeles in 2024, this festival aims to provide a platform for young filmmakers under 20 to showcase their talent, learn from industry professionals, and network with peers.

2. Who Can Participate In The Festival’s Workshops And Competitions?
The festival’s workshops are open to everyone who registers on our official website. For the film competition, anyone under the age of 20 can submit their work.

3. Do I Need To Have A Completed Film To Attend The Festival?
No, even if you haven’t made a movie or are new to filmmaking, you can still attend our festival and participate in the training programs and workshops.

4. How Do I Submit My Film For The Competition?
If you have a film, you should upload it to our designated FilmFreeway link to officially enter it into the competition.

5. Are There Language Restrictions For Film Submissions?
Films in all languages are welcome! However, if your film isn’t in English, English subtitles are mandatory.

6. What Are The Award Categories?
We have several categories including Best Narrative Short, Best Doc Short, Best Animation Short, Best Music Video, Best Experimental Short, Jury Awards, and Honorable Mentions.

7. Is There A Time Limit For The Films?
Yes, the film length should not exceed 20 minutes for all categories.

8. When Will The Festival Take Place?
The Copernicus Film Festival is scheduled from 28 April 2024 to 3 May 2024 in Los Angeles USA.

9. Can I Submit A Film That Was Made Before 2021?
No, only films made in 2021 or after are eligible for submission.

10. Are There Any Fees Associated With The Submission Or Participation?
Are there any fees associated with the submission or participation?

11. What Kind Of Workshops Will Be Offered At The Festival?
We have a diverse range of workshops, including screenwriting, directing, film production, and more. These are led by industry professionals and are designed to cater to both beginners and experienced filmmakers.

12. I’ve Missed The Registration Deadline. Can I Still Attend The Festival?
While film submissions and workshop registrations have specific deadlines, you can still attend the festival as an audience member. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance to ensure availability.

13. Will There Be Networking Opportunities At The Festival?
Absolutely! The festival provides ample opportunities for participants to network with industry professionals, fellow filmmakers, and enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and growth.

14. Is There Any Age Restriction For Attending The Festival?
While the film competition is exclusive for those under the age of 20, the festival itself, including workshops and screenings, is open to attendees of all ages.

15. Can I Submit To Multiple Categories With The Same Film?
Yes, you can submit your film to multiple categories as long as it meets the criteria for each category.

16. How Will The Films Be Judged?
Films are judged by a panel of esteemed industry professionals who evaluate them based on storytelling, creativity, originality, and technical excellence.

17. Will There Be Any Celebrity Appearances Or Guest Speakers?
Yes, the festival will feature guest speakers and appearances by notable figures from the film industry. The list will be updated on our official website closer to the festival dates.

18. I Am A Beginner In Filmmaking. Will The Workshops Be Suitable For Me?
Absolutely! Our workshops cater to a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to experienced filmmakers. The sessions are structured to provide valuable insights to all attendees.

" Film's Future Is Youthful – Celebrate It At Copernicus! "