Dear Students, Parents and Supervisors.
We are happy to introduce our Mathematics Olympiad. This Olympiad has 2 Rounds: Online Elimination Round and Global Round.
Students can register themselves through our website, or by contacting their country representatives. The registration deadline is April 22, 2023. Students starting from grade 3 can participate in this Olympiad.
The Online Elimination Round will be held on the following dates: January 28, February 25, March 25, and April 29, 2023. The exam will have 25 multiple choice questions. Exam will start at 10am (local time) and will last 60 minutes.

To qualify for the Global Round, which will be held in New York City between July 10 and 13, 2023, students need to score 40% and higher in the Online Elimination Round.
Students will be given Certificate of Participation in the Online Elimination Round, Certificate of Achievement in the Online Elimination Round and Medals according to the following progress:

40-49 Honorable Mention cartificate + invitation Global Round
50-74 Bronze Award Certificate/Medal + invitation Global Round
75-89 Silver Award Certificate/Medal + invitation with 5% OFF in Global Round
90-100 Gold Award Certificate/Medal + invitation with 10% OFF in Global Round

***Hard copies of Medals will be distributed after the Global Round.

The Syllabus of the Olympiad is as follows:

Prime numbers
Simple arithmetic operations
Word problems
Systems of Measurement
Recognizing geometric figures.
Perimeter and area of rectangles
Mathematical Logic

Category I Topics
Arithmetic operations
Fractions and decimals
Arithmetic and Statistics
Word problems
Mathematical logic
Simple interest calculations
Linear equations
Angles: acute, right, and obtuse
A cube, a rectangular solid
The perimeter of a polygon
Area of a rectangle and a triangle

Category II Topics
Combinations and Probability
Equalities and Inequalities
System of equations
Advanced topics in fractions
Squares and Square Roots
Rational Numbers
Ratio and proportions
Irrational Numbers
Circles and Regular Polygons
Pythagorean Theorem
Trigonometric Ratios
Volume and surface area
Coordinate geometry

Category III Topics
Operations on real numbers
Statistics and Probability
Trigonometric Ratios
Sequences of numbers
Graphs and Mensuration
Venn diagram
Word problems
Circles and Regular Polygons
Volume and surface area
Coordinate geometry

Category IV Topics
Advanced topics in algebra
Remainder theorem
Factor theorem
Quadratic and higher degree equations
Simultaneous equations
Word problems
Advanced topics in logarithms
Complex numbers
Binomial theorem
Basics of non-linear equations
Summation of series
Probability theory – conditional probabilities
Functions and graphs
Inequalities – advanced topics
Advanced topics in trigonometry
Advanced topics in co-ordinate geometry

Please find below past exam papers

Mathematics_Category I.pdf

Mathematics_Category II.pdf

Mathematics_Category III.pdf


Mathematics_Category V.pdf

Students will receive the followings:
-Certificate of Participation in Online Elimination Round (Digital Certificate),
-Achievement Medals in the Online Elimination Round (Gold, Silver and Bronze)
-Certificate of Participation in Global Round (Paper Certificate),
-Certificate of Achievement: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable Mention (Paper Certificate)
-Achievement Medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze (Based on their performance)

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded based on the following percentages:
⁃ The top 10% will receive a Gold Medal + Certificate of achievement.

⁃ The top 11-30% will receive a Silver Medal + Certificate of achievement.

⁃ The top 31-60% will receive a Bronze Medal + Certificate of achievement.

⁃ The top 61-75% will receive an Honorable Mention Certificate

Moreover top three students of each category of Global Round will get special prizes listed below:

Register now and experience unforgettable moments.